How to Create Camaraderie in a Telecommuting Business

Owning a telecommuting business certainly has its perks, but sometimes the lack of human interaction hinders camaraderie. It’s important for you and your employees to remember the person on the other end of the screen is, in fact, a person.

Not only does camaraderie make work more enjoyable, but it helps the work quality as well. It’s easier to bounce ideas with colleagues you like than complete strangers. Furthermore, as a boss, it’s easier to know how to play people’s strengths and preferences than to just assign work blindly. Use these tips to better foster camaraderie in your telecommuting office for a happier and more productive workforce.

Give Your Employees a Sense of Pride

Even though your business doesn’t have a main office your employees commute to every morning, this doesn’t mean you can’t own an address worth bragging about. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions allows businesses to rent addresses in the cities of their choosing. You can use this address on your website and email signatures, giving your remote employees a sense of place. It certainly helps to choose a “headquarters” in a sought-after neighborhood, so your employees can brag about it to anyone who asks.

Easy Communication Tools

There are plenty of fantastic online communication tools available for today’s telecommuters. Recommend video conferencing between employees once in a while. This way they can see each other and meet and greet online. You can also implement cloud solutions so everyone can easily work seamlessly, and together as a group.

Meet Outside of the Office Once in a While

If everyone is located in distance cities, meeting up won’t make sense. But if the majority of your workers live in the same city, consider hosting an occasional picnic or a creativity session somewhere in town. Sometimes all it takes it is putting a face with the name to better boost camaraderie between co-workers, helping them trust each other as they work, and encouraging your company to grow as a team.


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