Strikes, Floods, and Traffic, Oh My! Reasons Why Telecommuting Just Makes More Sense

San Francisco BART workers recently went on strike, displacing around 400,000 riders who use the BART metro for their daily commute. Bay Area highways are subsequently clogged, and people are scrambling to find ways to make it to work on time. Telecommuting companies, meanwhile, are enjoying business as usual.

Telecommuting just makes sense for business. Companies can pool from the best talent available, whether the worker lives in town or across the world. And luckily, it’s never been easier to use a remote staff. Companies can use technology such as video conferences and cloud storage to maintain the workflow, and tools like a Davinci Virtual Office Solution to maintain a sturdy reputation.

Businesses can use a Davinci Virtual Office Solution to rent an office address in the city of their choice. The company looks professional and established, even though the work is all done from home.

And telecommuting doesn’t just benefit the business. In fact, remote employees report increased happiness with more life-work balance, and they also tend to remain at companies longer when they have the option to work from home. And of course, telecommuting means working far away from those pesky problems on the road, like strikes, floods, natural disasters, traffic jams, and red lights.


Telecommuters never need to worry about their train, subway, or bus system workers going on strike. Strikes rarely have clear ending dates in sight, making it stressful for commuters to plan ahead. Telecommuters have the luxury of relaxing, knowing all they need is their home office to get business done.

Floods and Natural Disasters

It’s not safe to commute to work during a rain storm, and it’s better to stay home than fight a flash flood, tornado, or hurricane warning. Telecommuting keeps employees safely out of harm’s way and ensures the work is completed for those clients out of the disaster zone.


Of course, the very best reason to telecommute is to avoid the traffic. Telecommuters avoid dealing with traffic, red lights, annoying detours, and unexpected construction zones. The office is the home office, so the commute is only a few steps away and far away from picket signs and traffic jams.


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