Cents and Sensibility: The Perks of Virtual Offices

Whether it’s the glitzy glamour of Downtown Miami, the polished image of West Village, or the political draw of Washington, D.C., there are some cities just calling your business to set up shop in the heart of all the city action. However, as enticing as these cities may be, often times the price of real estate in such areas are expensive enough to make you run the other way. So what happens when you fall in love with a business district, but the rental cost is too much for your company to swing?

Well, the cents and sensible approach to landing a highly sought-after business address in your favorite city is to acquire a virtual office in the area. A virtual office grants you the perks and reputation of a business address in the coveted district, without forking over the cost of rent each month. A virtual office is both a cost-efficient and practical solution.

For those unfamiliar with a virtual office, Davinci provides a service in which you can choose a business address in one of more than 900 global locations. Maybe your start-up business is related to technology, and you want your business associated with all of the tech savvy companies in the San Francisco Bay area. The only problem is you’re working from your home in Boise, Idaho, where all your friends and family live, so you’re not interested in relocating to the west coast for the sake of your business. With a San Francisco Davinci Virtual Office, you can acquire a business address on a real street in a real building in San Fran without physically moving or working there. A virtual office offers a business address, mail forwarding options, and directory listings to create the image of your business actually residing on Market Street or Spear Street.

The beauty of this virtual office setup is your business can acquire your favorite city’s reputation, without paying the price of real estate. With a virtual office, you avoid the price of rent, utilities, overhead, and supplies. You can continue to maintain your current business set up and only pay a small monthly fee for the virtual office solution. Use your cents and make the sensible decision with a virtual office today.


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