An Empire State of Mind with a Virtual Office in Queens

A virtual office allows businesses to list high-end addresses in places like New York without the hefty rent fees to match. A Davinci Virtual Office Solution comes with an address in Queens, along with a live receptionist to take and transfer calls, and a mail forwarding service to deliver mail from the Queens office location to any desired address. A Davinci virtual office with all of the amenities has an affordable monthly cost, which is dramatically cheaper than the cost of rent on any office space you'll find in all of New York City.


There are few things which can beat a New York address. It instantly gives a business a reputation boost, which is crucial in the East Coast marketplace. Businesses from around the world flock to the Empire State to conduct and carry out business. And furthermore, Queens brings its own special flavor to the business table.


If Queens was its own independent city instead of a borough of New York City, it would gain the title of being the fourth most populated city in America. Queens is one of the most ethnically diverse urban areas in the world, with residents representing more than 100 different nations, with around 138 different languages spoken throughout the area.


Queens is not only an international hub in terms of people; the neighborhood also hosts two of the three major New York City airports with JFK International Airport and LaGuardia Airport. With easy access to the area for business traveling, Queens is the perfect place for an international business to call home with a virtual office.


It's not cheap for a business to take a bite out of “The Big Apple”, but with a virtual office, it's much easier for any business to get a little more respect in that hard earned marketplace.


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