Toronto Virtual Offices Serve Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget

Despite the struggling economy, clients still require world class business service. In fact, the demands seem to have increased since there is so much more competition. So how does a company that wants to take advantage of a lucrative market like Toronto manage to impress new clients?

While it may seem unrealistic to even try to compete with larger firms, there is a solution. Virtual office services from Davinci allow businesses in any industry to handle operations efficiently - without the typical effort or expense needed to run physical offices.

For as little as $59 each month, even the smaller businesses can operate like larger corporations do - with an impressive address in the heart of Toronto, receptionists to answer calls and advanced communication systems. Staff members are trained to respond professionally to all calls using individualized company messages that are essential in establishing distinctive business identities.

The fast messaging services eliminate lags in response times which can really hamper business. Messages are sent immediately to relevant parties, including fax notifications. Faxes and messages can even be converted to digital formats or e-mailed directly to business owners. This is particularly handy for the road warriors who travel a lot.

Best of all, no one knows you may be sitting on a gorgeous beach somewhere or enjoying a wonderful day outside - anywhere in the world. All they know is that you will get their message fast.

Clients get maximum flexibility so they can keep up with the changing pace of business, which seems to go faster by the minute. Packages are easily upgraded and when the business grows, so can the number of virtual offices. For instance, more cities can be added to create a national network. This really helps business, since more offices makes it easier to impress new prospective clients. The irony of course remains that in order to get business, you have to already look like you have a lot of business. You know, money goes to money. Virtual offices make it easy to look like you have a lot more than you actually do!


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