Los Angeles

Los Angeles is an environment that has always been on the cutting edge of everything. Whether it is fashion, food, culture, or business, the city is a mecca of progressive development. At least, most of the time that's what people there want to think. More importantly, Angelenos want everyone else to think that it is. Don't get me wrong, I love Los Angeles. But as Joan Rivers used to say, can we talk?

First, the traffic. No matter what survey I've looked at ever, Los Angeles is consistently listed as the most tangled mess of freeway and roads in the nation. Anyone who has spent time on that horrid 405 can confirm this. That's why I like virtual solutions. They let me work from anywhere, anytime I want.

Best of all, no one has to know I'm not physically at my office. If I need to, I can pop into any number of outside conference rooms to take a meeting. Clients really like this, especially when I find one that is closer to them. They also have all kinds of stuff some businesses are not able to (too cheap) to get, like fancy techno whiteboards and really cool audio systems.

When I don't feel like making the trek into the office, I can go to what I like to call my auxiliary office. And I must say, using these other offices make me feel more accomplished. Certainly makes it look like I am, anyway. And what says “Fake it ‘til you make it” more than L.A.?!

And then there's the whole safety issue. If you look at any ads about Los Angeles, it looks like the bastion of leisure. In truth, Los Angeles has many admirable qualities, but the one thing no one wants to admit is that parts of it are like Detroit, but with palm trees. With virtual solutions, I don't have to risk my life just to take a meeting. Besides, it's much more fun to enjoy an outside office periodically. While I'm in the conference room wowing them with my presentation, my virtual assistant keeps all the other wolves at bay!


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