Virtual Offices in Sacramento Make Having a Business Affordable

California has been struggling with its business environment for some time. I hate to break it to you, but the state got the golden raspberry award from Chief Executive magazine's Best and Worst States Survey for several years in a row. In case you don't know what a golden raspberry award is, it's the exact opposite of the Oscars. They even have their own awards show and everything.

Cali won this distinction when over 650 CEOs across the nation rated the state poorly for the hostile business environment due to heavy regulations, taxes, lack of work force, education, infrastructure and quality of life. Yup, all that sunshine doesn't amount to bupkiss, really. Or it ain't worth the money!

Contrary to what many folks may believe, many celebs and entertainment folks do NOT live in Hollywood. In fact, most of the celebs with a decent head on their shoulders choose to live elsewhere and breeze into town when they need to. Of course, if you're in TV, you're kind of stuck. But if you're a big time movie star like Demi Moore - you raise your kids in Montana. Then you come back to party like it's 1999 after they're grown.

Of course, Sacramento is a far cry from Hollywood, but it's still a part of California, so it suffers from stigma. And it doesn't help much that it's the state capitol. Or maybe it does sometimes, depending on how you look at it.

When it comes to having an office in Sacramento - that can be a very pricey prospect. The high commercial rents just seem to keep getting higher. So for a business startup -- it is often too challenging to even consider.

But there is a way around that. Virtual offices can give you everything you need for prices so low it's just unreal. For $60 a month, a business can have a respectable address for mail and clients. And a conference room can cost as little as $15 an hour, right in the Capitol Business Center! With the price of California real estate, that is a real steal!


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