Get More Play Time With Virtual Technology

The Chief Operating Officer of Facebook - Cheryl Sandberg has been making waves lately with her statement that there is really no such thing as work life balance. It's actually the truth when you think about it. I don't know a single person who has it all together, let alone one with a partner.

The reason is that it's yet another fantasy few people are ever able to see materialize. That's one of the many reasons that people are motivated to start their own businesses. They tire of being told what to do and when to do it. They want the freedom to decide when they will work and who they will work with. They also want to follow their dreams and their calling. Still others dream of a more flexible schedule and free time.

Having your own business has a lot of perks, but starting out, it usually means that you will burn a lot more midnight oil than at any day job. But the big secret that many savvy small business owners find is that when they learn how to delegate properly - they can work less!

Having a virtual office is like having a competent team at your beck and call to make your business shine. You get a great address where clients can send mail. A live receptionist can take your calls and route them to wherever you happen to be. There are also business services available and conference rooms to rent when you need them, starting at as little as $15 an hour!

I used to think that things got harder at the top - but they actually get easier. That's because those at the top have assistants and all kinds of help. Theoretically, a small business owner could do the same. But how can they afford it? Most of them don't even take a salary during that first year or more!

Having a virtual office today is better than having a job with a 2 week vacation, because you have the flexibility to take more time off each day than you ever could before!


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