Becoming a Homepreneur

With the technology boom - it should come as no surprise that over half of all businesses in the U.S. are home based. I think it's really cool that the heretofore companies that were so often dismissed as quaint little hobby ventures are now actual viable businesses!

Around 6.6 million home based companies provide half or more of each household income. That makes them just as competitive as their significant others! I chuckle when I think of one of the original homepreneurs - Mrs. Fields. She famously started a cookie company in her kitchen, which her finance guy husband thought was a nice little hobby. Probably because he got to come home to fresh baked cookies every night. Little did he know that she would eventually become a millionaire - surpassing his income by leaps and bounds. I bet he didn't call it a hobby then!

Her products were developed in a kitchen - but when it came time for serious investors to get involved - I bet those meetings weren't taken in that kitchen. My money's on perhaps using one of her finance guy's conference rooms in a fancy office building.

Back then, I don't think they had any conference rooms for rent. So what would she have done otherwise? Today, she could just rent a meeting room. And she'd get all the cool stuff to go with it - receptionist, whiteboards - and she could arrange for the catering staff to serve the cookies! Now that would be cool. I always love cookies at a meeting.

As more businesses move operations online and jobs are created based on these moves, the number of people working from home offices will continue to rise. Virtual suites are great for home based ventures since you get professional addresses, phone and business services and a nice place to hold meetings - just like the big boys.

The fact is, it is easier than ever to start a business of any kind at home. All you have to really do is want to. So let's get crackin' - it's the 21st century y'all!


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