Don't Mess With San Antonio!

For the last five years, Texas has been ranked as THE top climate for businesses. Unlike some states - and they know who they are - Texas right away implemented more business friendly policies with improved business tax climates. They also did some things to help lower labor costs. Heck, they even offer more workforce training. That all adds up to more companies gravitating there.

Cities like San Antonio also have that nice toasty weather, which a lot of people like. What I enjoy about the city is that it's a little slower paced, so you don't have that hectic and stressed out vibe going on.

While Texas, San Antonio in particular, is great for businesses  it's still hard for a startup to get some love. Interestingly, whenever a statistic comes along and proclaims that a city is at the top of anything, it usually means you find a lot of moneyed people at the top rung.

While that's not a bad thing, it's important to realize that a smaller company is still looking at higher costs overall. That's just how it is. When you're not established yet, you gotta pay your dues.

Or do you? I think that technology has made it possible for smaller firms to really compete in places they never could before. While it's true you can run a business from anywhere - in order to be considered respectable or appeal to a local audience -- you have to be -- well, local!

In other words, if you want some of those wealthy Texas clients, you probably should have an office there. It just makes more sense. With rents the way they are, that's easier said than done. Unless . . .

You get a virtual office! This newfangled system involves technology with old school reference points. For instance, you get a great address and all the business amenities without the high rent. In San Antonio, a virtual pad will cost around $50 a month. They'll receive your mail, answer your calls, and when you need a meeting, you can rent a space for around $12 an hour! Virtual offices are the way to go – no question!


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