Go Green with Philadelphia Virtual Offices!

Some of the best things in place for new and existing businesses in Philadelphia are all the incentives for them to go green. No matter what size a company or industry a business is in, they can all benefit in many ways by going green.

What many new business owners are finding out is how easy it is to become more environmentally responsible and save a lot of dough at the same time. Virtual offices give businesses everything they need to run efficiently - in fact, more so in a lot of ways. Because the services run continually, there is no worry about staff or the costs associated with them.

For under $100 each month, a virtual office provides a professional business address, which is essential for attracting the kind of clientele a company needs in order to get its footing. They also have every type of business service imaginable at the ready. A live receptionist will take calls, messages, and forward them to where ever you are. You can have mail delivered at the address and then forwarded for just a little more.

By running a virtual office, businesses also have access to the Sustainable Business Network that offers ways for firms to measure and benchmark environmental and social performance. The reason this matters is that by evaluating a company's impact, it could also qualify them for funding and other incentives.

Philadelphia's Green Training Index provides over sixty eco-friendly education and training programs for companies. This can really help them leverage all of the many support possibilities for new businesses. By networking with this powerful group, entrepreneurs can double and triple their business exposure. That's worth more than any fancy advertising campaign.

Best of all, going green saves a bundle for companies in so many ways that it is hard to recount all of them. It's one of those things that kind of grows like a big tree and then sprouts into more trees.

With all those green incentives, the City of Brotherly Love is a great place to open an office -- especially a virtual one!


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