Virtual Offices Support Seattle Entrepreneurs

Many people do not know that Seattle happens to be one of the most highly educated of all the cities in the U.S. Perhaps that is part of the reason why it also has such a high median income to low unemployment ratio.

According to statistics, there are 12.5 businesses per each 100 residents. I'll never figure out these kinds of .5 statistics. How do you have half of a business? My favorite one is the 2.5 kids thing. I guess you could have half a business, but it's just not possible to have half a person!

Seattle is also a very entrepreneurial town and welcomes new businesses. Organizations like the Chamber of Commerce has panels and events all the time designed to encourage start-ups in the city.

That having been said, it doesn't mean that it's easy to get a loan. Or that costs are lower to start and run a business. All it means is that they don't have a bunch of oppressive rules that make it harder.

Expenses to run a business are often astronomical. That's the case wherever you go for a chance to make money. Rent alone is sky high - not to mention the utilities and all the little bills that no one ever thinks about. But guess what? It doesn't have to be that way!

You can start a business in Seattle and actually afford an office in the business district. And you actually don't have to rob a bank to do it! All you need is a virtual office.

In case you're wondering what comes with that -- you get a fancy business district address right in the middle of things and a live receptionist will answer calls. You have access to a business center and everything else you need all for around $50 a month. They'll accept your mail and greet your clients, too. That's why the best way to take advantage of one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the U.S. is with a virtual office. Yes, it's really all that and a bag of chips!


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