Stay and Play in Tampa Virtual Offices

Thank goodness the weather is great in Tampa, because the business climate could use a little help. But that's no surprise - given the state of the entire nation's economy. Seems some entrepreneurs are scared of setting up shop there, mostly because it can be pricey.

Since Florida is a right-to-work state, its residents enjoy a pro-business environment whose leadership is stable. Many businesses appreciate its low corporate tax rates and the fact that there is no personal income tax - another factor that attracts a lot of people. All of this combined makes Tampa a really hot destination for tourists, companies, and residents.

But Tampa does welcome businesses, with performance based capital incentives available at state and local levels. All of this does well to defray the cost of starting and conducting business there. But the costs for businesses are, nonetheless, quite high. Even if you're one of the lucky businesses to qualify for the state's customized business incentive programs - which so many smaller firms aren’t.

You'd think it would be easier for the little guy, since growing businesses are so essential to the economy. But the fact is private and public funding options can be very few and far between.

This is why setting up a virtual office is such a boon to small business in Tampa. With services running around $79 a month, entrepreneurs can get away without paying the sky high rentals and all the other costs involved in renting a space. Like for utilities, office machines, and staff. Since it's all there - companies have access to everything they need, for less than a fraction of the cost. And you still get that mucho prestigious address where clients can be greeted and you can receive your mail.

The physical office locations are also available when needed - for around $25 a month. The best part is that all of the spaces are decked out with the cool stuff you need - like presentation tools to work as the professional you are.

Living and working in the sunshine can cost some serious coin. But with a virtual office, absolutely anyone can afford to do business in Tampa!


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