Keeping Your Head in the Cloud

For the most part, keeping one's head in the clouds is not considered a good thing. But with the advent of cloud technology services, things have changed. The cloud has opened avenues for businesses most people never realized could ever happen. In fact, there are even advancements that are not commonly known.

For example, the virtual office has made it possible for businesses, entrepreneurs, and all kinds of other people and professionals to live the life of their dreams. It's no irony that dream life tends to involve the clouds, so it is only fitting that the word was coined to refer to Internet or cyberspace services.

Cloud services for businesses run the gamut. This includes every type of essential advanced telephone system to impressive networked business applications. You know, those ones we all wonder how we ever lived without.

Actually, I don't know how I lived without cloud technology in the past. That's how much I rely upon it today. And things have gotten even better with virtual offices. I used to think I had it made since I could work from anywhere I wanted to. Don't get me wrong, I still appreciate that.

When a friend of mine dreamed of starting up his consulting firm, he found it hard to get in the door of major clients until he got a decent business address. And he did that with a virtual office. It only cost him around $50 a month and he could meet clients and get his mail there.

In fact, he did so well that he's opened a few other virtual offices in various towns to have a solid business presence. It's so funny because no one seems to even know that he's renting a space. I love that! He has an office greeter, access to business services, and the catering staff will get them lunch, too!

With each new hot technology trend, I used to think "Wow, now that's the best thing since sliced bread!" But it just keeps getting better. The countless conveniences of virtual offices have proven that to me!


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