Save Those Boston Beans with Virtual Offices!

Boston is a great town to work and live. Like many communities, the last 20 years has seen a shift from traditional labor jobs toward technology and service. So much so that its economy depends more upon finance, business, professional, and technology services.

This shift has made it more possible for start-ups to succeed. The Chamber of Commerce has programs to help entrepreneurs get off the ground, but the snag always seems to be with funding. Don't believe me? Just try to get a business loan!

Because of this, many businesses are starting from home. That works well for a lot of people. But if you expect anyone to take your business seriously, you have to walk the walk. How do you do that without any money? A great suit and flashy smile is only going to get you so far.

One of the best ways to get ahead these days - especially in the old guard of Boston - is by having a virtual office. They offer a noteworthy business address where you can have your mail and packages sent and a receptionist will greet clients, all for around $85 in the heart of the Boston business district.

In addition to a state of the art communication system that finds you wherever you are, they'll answer the phone live and take messages if you want, too. They have day offices and fantastically designed conference meeting rooms with every kind of technology you need - starting at around $15! I can invite all kinds of clients for meetings and show off with visual presentation tools and even have lunch served by the catering staff.

We all know that the first impression made is how something looks. That's just how it is. You can have the best product and service in the world, but if you offer it with crappy packaging… good luck with that!

The business office is a professional person's packaging. Virtual offices give an entrepreneur and small business owner the cache they need to attract the kinds of clients they require to get ahead!


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