Find your Piece of Business Heaven in Denver

Many people think that start-ups, entrepreneurs and other small businesses are the only ones that employ a strict virtual office model. However, the reality is that many professions and industries have been using virtual offices for decades. For example, many attorneys, consultants, accountants, and non-profit organizations, any firm really, that wants a location outside of their general area are using virtual offices.
In regions like Denver, the cost of doing business is skyrocketing. Washington and local government seem to be doing next to nothing to reign in those costs. In fact, certain legislation like SB 1 has actually increased the cost of running a business. Say what you will - but in this economy, the very last thing that the state of Colorado should do is create more red tape for businesses. And they wonder why their growth is so sluggish?

One of the best things about technology is that as it has continued to evolve, more and more businesses have been able to operate on a remote basis - which is not only more efficient and effective - but it can service more clients, too.

But like it or not, if you want to play with the big boys, you still gotta have a sandbox. Maybe not a big one, but something! This is where the virtual office comes in. In Denver, for around $65 a month, I can have a prestigious space and address that I can use for:

a. Licensing
b. Advertising and marketing
c. A locked and secure mailbox
d. Mail receipt
e. Client drop off and pick up

For a little extra, I have my mail forwarded. A receptionist welcomes my walk in prospects and clients. I'm also entertaining being put on the lobby directory listing for more prestige. I mean, it's only $20.00 for each month.

When I need to take a meeting, I can choose from over 3000 rooms worldwide! I can use the Business Support Center if I want and there are day offices for around $10 to $35 an hour. I can also get a conference room in Denver for around $25.

I honestly think I'm in heaven.


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