Dallas Virtual Offices Let You Play With the Big Boys

Dallas is a metro area that has been growing by leaps and bounds. Because it boasts such a broad and diverse business environment, it's a really beneficial place for any new or expanding company. Its major industries are financial services, defense, and - you guessed it - technology.

In fact, I can't think of a place where technology isn't growing. In Dallas, some of the major industries expanding into or through technology are life sciences, telecommunications, semiconductors, processing, and transportation.

Of course, whenever business booms, the companies raking in the dough are ecstatic. But it also makes it harder for start-ups and the ones who need capital to expand. Commercial property owners also see this as a big fat opportunity to raise the rent.

Smaller businesses really need to find a way to jump on the bandwagon, or else they will miss an opportunity of a lifetime. Bigger businesses need smaller ones to succeed. You would think they'd do more to fund them... but that is generally not the case.

One way around the high cost of doing business is using a virtual office. That way, you can have a prestigious address and even take meetings in Dallas when you need to. A virtual plan with all of the trimmings starts at around $55 a month. You can get your mail there and someone will greet visitors. They have live receptionists to take calls, forward them or take messages.

Imagine being able to rub noses with Silicon Prairie's finest! As one of the best tech sectors in the country, you'll have access to its brightest and finest talent. Right along that strip on Highway 75, just north of Interstate 635 you can find companies like Ericsson, Nortel, Southwestern Bell, Alcatel, and many other telecom giants. That's bound to be good for business, no matter what industry you're in.

There's a lot to be had in Dallas. But you gotta be there to get it - or at least seem like you're there. Virtual offices are what will make that possible.


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