Virtual Offices Make Opening a Business in NYC a Reality

New York City has so much to offer both residents and businesses that it’s hard to cover all of it. From culture to food to its progressive, 24 hour nature - New York has always been one of the most trend setting cities the world over.

For new businesses, NYC offers a world of opportunity - that is, if they can afford to even open up shop there. Getting a business loan is nearly a thing of the past. So how is a company to raise capital to start a business? Well, they can always save. Right. That's virtually impossible to do, too, given the cost of living. Unless you plan on investing your retirement funds. But who can afford to take that chance?

I guess another form of revenue is mortgaging your home. That is, if you even have one. Chances are, if you're starting a new company, you don't have a home. Yet! So, seriously: where is the cashola gonna come from?

Unfortunately, the answer is probably nowhere. Just like the real estate loan market - new business loans have plummeted right along with all those home loans. In fact, it is even harder to get any type of loan these days. When jobs become unstable, so do employment histories and banks don't like that.

Every company is cutting back, so it's no surprise that new businesses can't get any dough. But they CAN do business in NYC. With a prestigious office address, a receptionist and state of the art office gear. That's what you get at Davinci Virtual Offices - starting at around $49 a month. That’s right! It is less than the average cell phone plan!

Few would believe that a conference room starts at around $7 an hour. You read correctly - $7 an hour - lower than minimum wage! That makes taking a bite out of the Big Apple more affordable than ever and that counts for any business, thanks to the low cost of Davinci virtual offices! This is why the virtual office has become so important - especially in major cities like NYC.


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