Virtual Offices Ensure That Houston Businesses Have No Problems!

Houston, we have a problem. While it's an awesome town, it's not awesome to do business there. We know you owe a lot to your oil, but it just isn't socially responsible to waste around 2.9 billion gallons of fuel every year.

In all fairness, Houston isn't the only town where this is happening. On average, commuters have been sitting in traffic at an increasing rate for some time. Even cities that have great mass transit systems deal with that.

But getting back to Houston - it is estimated that gridlock costs over $78 billion each year, which amounts to around 4.2 billion lost hours.

In regions where environmental pollutants are a serious problem, telecommuting is more important than ever. This is where virtual offices come in. They create a space in the cloud where everyone can meet to have meetings. Less time on the road translates to more productivity - and happier workers!

A virtual office in Houston starts at just around $55 a month and includes everything a business needs to operate effectively. A great physical address will help draw in business and provide a place for mail and packages to be picked up - or forwarded for a little more. A live receptionist can take calls, messages, and forward them to you.

When you want to take a meeting - just book a room for around $20 an hour right in downtown Houston! You can really impress the good 'ole boys with all kinds of new-fangled equipment, too. Show presentations on white boards and projection screens and even have the catering staff serve lunch! You can choose from a variety of locations so you can change it up according to where your clients are, which means less traffic and less aggravation for the client. And we all know nothing is better than a happy client!

Not only do virtual offices benefit the environment when there are less people polluting up the air, but businesses will spend less on operating costs - which means better profits and a chance for even more businesses to grow to help lower unemployment rates! Yahoo!


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