Affordable Virtual Office Luxury in San Francisco

As the song goes, I once left my heart in San Francisco. I also left a whole lotta cash! Wow!! It's a gorgeous town, with the seductive bay just beckoning all who go there. But like a lot of cool places, it's really costly to visit there.

Given the cost of what it takes to visit, I cannot imagine the coin it takes to live there! A friend begged me to move down there years ago, but I wanted to start a business and I just couldn't see how on earth I could do that in that town.

My friend has since moved on - but had Davinci been around, I could have gotten a virtual office and rented meeting rooms when I needed them. But back then, laptops weren't even on the market as I recall.

Okay, so now I'm dating myself, but as I was saying. I could have had a great virtual space where they would answer my phone, take messages, forward my calls, and get my mail, all for $80 right on Market Street. For those who don't know, that's the heart of the business district - and everything else for that matter. You can go on boat tours, eat at the best restaurants, and at Ferry Building Marketplace, they have some great seafood and awesome happy hours!

And if it were back then, the costs would have been lower. But even by yesteryear's standards, that's a bargain rate to have a business presence in the city by the bay. In fact, anywhere. But in San Francisco, it is almost unheard of.

When you do decide to visit San Fran, take a sweater, because even in summer it can get a little nippy. Last time I was there, the heatwave waited until August to rear its head, so you gotta be ready for anything.

One visit, and you'll probably be hooked, so if you want to do a start-up or expand there, get yourself a virtual office and take your clients to the Ferry Building for happy hour so you'll really be ready to do business!


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