Is the Office An Endangered Species?

Computers have made people more mobile than ever. They use them for work and play and everything in between. Once hosted office solutions came along, you could really hear those freedom bells!

Then came hosted solutions and the whole business game changed. You mean I can access all my business programs online? I don't have to update my software and pay a high priced techie to manage all of it? Or worry about someone making a mistake and wiping it all out? Wow! Sign me up!

There's one expense that many businesses have trouble paying all the time - especially new ones. And that is rent. You know, that glorified storage space where you sit all day and sometimes into the night to crank out your work?

Even with so many business solutions online, there still needs to be a space to do it from. While startups can work at their kitchen tables and garages (if they're lucky) - they still have to think about having a decent business space if they plan on expanding or having staff.

But it's tough starting out. Instead of paying a high rent that will keep you up at night and having to shell out cash to pay a receptionist and office staff - why not have a virtual office? What's that, you say.

It's a lot of things. Like a live person to deal with clients. Both on the phone and in person. That's right. A virtual office is not just in the cloud. A lot of its functions are, but you still get the benefit of having a nice office space and a business address. That's still very important in today's business environment.

Even the most antiquated office environments have had to get on the technology bandwagon, just to keep up. In fact, they risk being lost into obscurity if they don't at least get online in some fashion. Any startup serious about doing business or a company looking at expansion should sincerely consider having virtual offices. They are not only the wave of the future, but the wings of it, too!


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