Joining the Cloud Business Evolution

I must admit I love evolution. Well, maybe not the Darwinian kind exactly, but usually evolution pertains more to forward thinking. Take, for instance - the cloud. For those who've been living under a rock (sad, but true), the cloud is where it’s at in terms of business. That’s slightly ironic since it’s in cyberspace, hence where is it really located? Oh, that's right. In the heavens. Good place for it in my book. Beats battling the traffic!

But, seriously, for any small business, success is going to depend heavily upon how well the company is managed. And that includes that magical term, efficient - challenging for any business, let alone ones with limited resources.

Most would agree that it takes a lot of moxy and a great deal of time and money to start and operate a business. What investors care about - and that includes the owners themselves (they are investors too - in fact, the biggest ones) - is that there is a high chance of turning a profit.

Turning a profit is a challenge in and of itself, no matter where the company is on its lifecycle. So what's any business to do these days? Startups need to save. Midsize firms need to save. So do large corporations.

One great way to save on costs for any business is by having a virtual office. In case you didn't know…they happen to be in the cloud. They save on costs in so many ways that it's hard to describe 'em all.

For instance, rent - the biggest expenditure. Wiped away. How? Because the virtual office provides a live person answering calls and taking messages and forwarding them, too. They'll accept your mail and packages at a prestigious address. And when you need to show your face, you can do it for as little as $20 an hour in a fancy schmancy conference room.

So get a virtual office and join the new evolution of smart business and poof! Many operating expenses will disappear into the cloud -- just like magic!


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