Los Angeles Virtual Office Users Save 61 Hours of Commute Time

LOS ANGELES—It’s a tie. According to a study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, the San Francisco-Oakland area and Los Angeles have the second worst commute time in the nation. Specifically, auto commuters were delayed 61 hours on the road in 2011 in these three cities. Washington, D.C. came in first with 67 hours.

So, San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles commuters, are you ready to explore the benefits of virtual office space yet? Let’s face it. Your commute time is impacting your productivity. And you can reclaim those lost hours by telecommuting from a virtual office instead of making the congested drive.

Lucky for you, virtual offices in San Francisco, virtual offices in Oakland and virtual offices in Los Angeles abound. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers virtual office locations in all three cities.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has 13 virtual offices in Los Angeles, including virtual offices at the Wells Fargo Center, AT&T Business Center, Howard Hughes Business Center, and MGM Tower Executive Center. We also have eight virtual offices in San Francisco and one location for Oakland virtual offices

So, are you ready save yourself 61 hours of commute time? And all the gas money and frustration that goes along with it? Then check into virtual office space. You can still commute to San Francisco, Oakland or Los Angeles for client meetings. In fact, virtual office providers have meeting rooms available to rent on demand.


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