How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Office

LOS ANGELES-I just read an article in USA Today that aims to help readers make the most of working from a virtual office. Penned by Regina Lewis, a national television contributor and host of USA Today’s biweekly “Money Quick Tips” videos, the article is aptly titled, “Money Quick Tips: Making telecommuting work for you.”

The premise of the article is a Census Bureau report that reveals 10 percent of workers are working from home-based virtual offices at least part-time—and often the reasoning revolves around saving time and money commuting.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ve seen us publish study after study about the benefits of virtual offices, including saving time and money commuting, boosting productivity, saving on real estate costs, reducing stress, and achieving better work-life balance, to name a few. But let’s focus on the money!

What is Lewis’ advice for making virtual offices work for you as it relates to money?

“Far and away the biggest issue to consider: Expect to be distracted,” she writes. “Telecommuting is great, except for the dog, the kids, the laundry and home repairs calling your name. As one freelancer cautions, keep this metric in mind: The cleaner your house, the lower your next performance review.”

She suggests tapping into resources outside the home where you can meet with clients, print documents, etc. Virtual office providers often offer this getaway via day offices and meeting rooms. When you need to meet with clients, meeting rooms are available on demand and you pay by the hour. Same with day offices. And most virtual office providers also offer access to office equipment you might not have in your home office.

So, once again, the virtual office world has you covered. You can work in the silence of your home office when you want to. But when your home office isn’t so silent you can take a trip to your virtual office provider’s business center and work in a professional atmosphere. Alas, you have the best of both worlds!


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