How Does Virtual Office Work Impact Employers?

LOS ANGELES—There’s been a lot of talk lately about the benefits of virtual offices and flexible work for working parents. But how does virtual office work impact employers? The FlexJobs “Parents & Work” survey looked at the employer side of the flexible work coin, too.

According to the FlexJobs survey, parents who want workplace flexibility are overwhelmingly well-educated (82% have a college degree), they're married (81%) women (93%) between 30 and 49 years of age (79%), and they are "experienced" professionals (say 57%, followed by "manager" at 26% and "executive" at 9%).

The survey also suggests that employers looking to hire this group of motivated professionals should consider workplace flexibility initiatives like full-time telecommuting from a virtual office, flexible schedules, occasional telecommuting from a virtual office, and part-time schedules. The survey responses indicate parents would give up a part-time schedule and work full-time if they could telecommute from a virtual office or have a flexible schedule.

- 41% of employees would like to telecommute from a virtual office

- 27% would like to have flexible schedules

- 18% would like to occasionally telecommute from a virtual office

- 11% would like part-time schedules

The FlexJobs survey also suggests that employers might see a more productive workforce with the right flexible work options. Ninety-five percent of parents said that they would maintain or improve their productivity if they worked from home, and 84 percent said they would miss fewer work days from sickness or unplanned absences.

Convinced yet? Savvy employers are making an effort to meet the work-life demands of their best and brightest employees. That could mean any number of flexible work options, including telecommuting from a virtual office—even part time. With the research about the benefits of a virtual office continuing to pile up, it may be time to survey your own employee base about what they really need.


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