Virtual Offices Changing the Face of the Workplace

ATLANTA—USA Today ran an interesting article this morning called, “Flexible jobs changing the face of the workplace.” Indeed, virtual offices, telecommuting and mobile technologies are changing the way we work.

The USA Today article, penned by Laura Wanderkam, highlighted Nika Stewart and her virtual office team. She says most of her workforce is telecommuting from a virtual office with flexible hours. She reports getting good talent at a good price with this model.

“It’s an intriguing idea, and one that more people concerned about America’s economic future should keep in mind. While most people focus on the unemployment rate—which remained at 7.8 percent in December—the more interesting trend is in labor force participation,” Wanderkame writes.

“The percentage of people older than 16 working or looking for work has been declining for the past 12 years. Many economists blame demographics. Baby Boomers are retiring. Women’s participation has plateaued. There are reasons for both trends, but also implications: When fewer people work, this hurts long-term growth, nudging us closer to 2 percent annual increases vs. the 3 percent we’ve long enjoyed.”

Virtual offices make it easier to attract the segment of the workforce that needs flexibility. Concepts like workshifting, remote working and the mobile workforce are making their way into the mainstream culture of corporations in a move to attract the best and brightest talent. Flexible work is indeed changing the face of the workplace, and virtual offices are facilitating that model.


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