Virtual Office Users Make Laundry List of Benefits

TORONTO—What would you say if I told you that half of telecommuters feel they are more productive working from home? What’s more, 23 percent are sure they are more productive. So says a TeamViewer survey.

This is no surprise to me. I work in a virtual office—and I work with a lot of virtual office users—and we all have the same story. Not only do we think we are more productive working from a virtual office—we know we are.

The survey also reveals that 45 percent of Americans believe the average telecommuter saves 21 to 50 miles per day in travel time. On top of that, 80 percent of Americans say saving money on gas and having no daily commute are among the biggest benefits of working from home. Indeed, there are many benefits to working from a virtual office. Here are a few more virtual office users cited in the survey:

53.56% cite improved work/life balance
51.98% cite lower stress and better health
50.4% cite the ability to complete household chores (e.g., laundry) while working
37.5% cite no involvement in office gossip
25.49% cite ability to be near children during the daytime

I can attest to all of these benefits of working in a virtual office. And there are many more. Some of the benefits come from the ability to tap into virtual office technologies. In tomorrow’s post, we’ll take a look at how virtual office technologies empower remote workers.


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