Virtual Assistant Calculator Proves Value of Online Administrators

NEW YORK—Ever wonder if it’s worth it for you get a virtual assistant? Check out Davinci Virtual Office Solutions’ nifty calculator.

As we see it, every virtual office user could benefit from a virtual assistant. But maybe you need more proof. That’s why we’ve developed a handy dandy online calculator that can help you make economic sense of the virtual assistant equation.

Our virtual assistant calculator is easy to use. First, we ask what your time is worth. You can calculate the dollar amount on an annual basis. Next, we ask how many hours a week you spend on the following tasks on a daily basis:

    • Answering general/solicitor calls


    • Scheduling/confirming appointments


    • Processing/tracking orders


    • Answering customer service/sales questions


    • Making basic outbound calls


    • Administrative tasks a secretary could handle

After you’ve answered these questions, which should take all of a minute or two, you get the results of our virtual assistant calculator. We will show you in no uncertain terms what your productivity loss per month is in hours and what the current support expense per month equals.

For example, if you spend one hour a day processing and tracking orders, a half hour answering customer service calls and another half hour handling administrative tasks a secretary could handle, your total productivity loss per month is 52.5 hours. If your time is worth $100 an hour, the current support expense per month is a whopping $5,250 a month. But a Davinci Virtual assistant is only $129 a month.

Once you put it in black and white, it’s clear to see that a virtual assistant can save you time and money—and money and time. So if you haven’t tried our virtual assistant calculator for yourself, click here to get started. And be honest. The way you spend your time could be draining your productivity and costing you far more than what you are willing to pay.


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