Are You Making the Most of Your Virtual Assistant?

NEW YORK—Do you know everything you need to know about working with virtual assistants? I recently ran across an info graphic compiled by Chris Ducker, a startup and small business guru, about what every entrepreneur needs to know about working with virtual assistants.

So no matter whether you work in a virtual office or you have a bricks-and-mortar empire, I’ve offered up eight of his best tips for working with virtual assistants:

1. First things first. Be realistic about this!

“Outsourcing is not a quick-fix magic pill that you can ‘pop’ and expect everything to work perfectly from day one,” Ducker says. “So, don’t except too much from your virtual assistant right out of the gate.”

2. Leverage your time—you know it makes sense!

“The number one benefit of working with a virtual assistant is saving time, gaining more time and ultimately becoming more productive as an entrepreneur yourself,” Ducker says.

3. Don’t make assumptions!

“Assumptions make an ass out of you and me.’ Give very clear, direct instructions on the tasks you’re asking your virtual assistants to perform for you,” Ducker says.

4. Invest time in developing your virtual assistant.

“Make sure you spend time training your virtual assistant to the point where they can work unassisted, and to a level that you’re both going to be happy with, so that your relationship becomes a long-lasting one,” Ducker says.

5. Set realistic task timelines.

“Think about all the parameters in place on each task and set realistic task timelines,” Ducker says.

6. Build trust with your virtual assistant.

“Build up trust, don’t micromanage and become a virtual vulture of a boss!” Ducker says. “Show them that you believe in them and the work they are doing for you.”

7. Give praise for a job well done!

“Receiving praise makes your virtual assistant feel accomplished, which is very important to the overall growth of your relationship together,” Ducker says.

8. Have fun with this thing … You’ll learn to love it!

“Have fun with your new business relationship and most importantly utilize your virtual assistant properly,” Ducker says.

So what are you waiting for? If you aren’t working with a virtual assistant, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has the hookup. We can help you find a virtual assistant to help you maximize your time right now.


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