Are You A Stressed Out Small Business Owner? Try a Virtual Assistant.

NEW YORK—Sixty-percent of small business owners report rising stress levels. Could virtual offices and virtual assistants help? Considering that money is the primary cause of stress, I believe the answer is “yes.”

According to the TD Bank survey, 33 percent of small business owners report managing finances as a key culprit for rising stress. That’s followed by managing employees (20 percent), sales and marketing (19 percent), customer and client relations (17 percent); and working long hours (11 percent).  A virtual office and virtual assistant can help reduce stress in all these areas.

Let’s look at each area. When it comes to money, for example, a virtual office mean much less overhead than traditional office space. Virtual office technologies like web conferencing can save mega time and money in travel. And virtual assistants cover all the rest of the bases in the TD Bank survey.

For example, managing employees is a lot more manageable when you hire virtual assistants who specialize in various tasks. Virtual assistants can handle your sales and marketing tasks. Virtual assistants can also handle your customer and client relations. With the help of virtual assistants, you can avoid working those long hours.

At the end of the day, more help means less on your shoulders. And the more virtual your business becomes, the less you have to spend to run it. Virtual offices and virtual assistants are cost-effective ways to launch, operate and manage your small business. So shed the stress and get with the virtual office program.


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