RV-Based Virtual Offices Rolling Into Productivity

LOS ANGELES—Here’s a new twist on virtual office work—telecommuting from an RV. Indeed, RVs are becoming virtual offices for some adventurous entrepreneurs, according to an article I read on NBC News. The article points to Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano as two examples.

“In 2007, Nelson and Agredano sold their graphics business, their Eureka, Calif., home and most of their belongings and hit the road full-time in a 24-foot, fifth-wheel trailer. Equipped with gadgets including a satellite dish for Internet access, solar panels and a pair of laptops, they have a virtual office that travels with them. Nelson, 45, works remotely as a graphic designer, while his wife of 15 years, 43-year-old Agredano, works as a freelance writer and jewelry maker,” the article explains.

Considering that there are about 8.9 RV-owning households in the U.S., according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, that’s a lot of potential virtual office users literally on the road. Sure, most RV owners probably use their RV for vacationing rather than working. But the point is with virtual office technologies, the RV can become a truly mobile workplace.

“Full-time RVing with kids while working on the road isn’t a new phenomena. For example, Joe and Kay Peterson, the founders of Escapees RV Club were just 42 years old when they hit the road in 1972 with two school-age children and an entrepreneurial spirit,” Rene wrote on her blog. “Adventurous families like the Petersons paved the way for today’s free-spirited moms and dads, like Jason and Shianne Condi of HippyMotorsUSA.”

So you see this is not a fluke. Working from an RV-based virtual office may not be the norm, but it’s a lifestyle that offers the ultimate freedom to those who like a different view from their office window potentially every day.


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