Can Virtual Office Work Help You Stop Cussing?

CHICAGO—Do you swear at work? If so, it could harm your career. Working from a virtual office could help you hide your potty mouth—unless you put it in e-mail.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, workers who swear a lot at work may lose out on opportunities for promotions. Indeed, 64 percent of employers said that they’d think less of an employee who repeatedly uses curse words, and 57 percent said they’d be less likely to promote someone who swears in the office.

I don’t blame them. I find it vulgar. Yet 51 percent of workers in the survey apparently disagree with me. That’s the percentage that report they swear in the office. Ninety-five percent said they swear in front of their co-workers and 51 percent are bold enough to cuss in front of the boss. It seems they tone it down in front of senior leaders and clients, with only 13 percent and 7 percent breaking out the bad language in front of those audiences, respectively.

If you work from a virtual office, you can swear all you want in the privacy of your own home. That is, unless you are using Skype. Indeed, working from a virtual office can help you hide many of the daily frustrations that may drive you to cuss. But there’s also the temptation to swear in e-mail, which may be worse because it’s all out there for the world—and the boss—to see. And therein lies the problem.

Eighty-one percent of employers believe that the use of curse words brings the employee’s professionalism into question. Another 71 percent are concerned with the lack of control and 68 percent are concerned about a lack of maturity demonstrated by swearing at work. Fifty-four percent said swearing at work makes an employee appear less intelligent.

Wonder which cities have the most likely cussing employees?

Washington D.C. – 62 percent
Denver – 60 percent
Chicago – 58 percent
Los Angeles – 56 percent
Boston – 56 percent
Atlanta – 54 percent
Minneapolis – 50 percent
Phoenix – 47 percent
New York – 46 percent
Philadelphia – 44 percent

Of course, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has virtual offices in all of those cities. So if you just can’t control your potty mouth, maybe it’s time to telecommute from a virtual office so your boss doesn’t thin you are unprofessional, out of control, immature and downright dumb.


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