Virtual Offices Help You Avoid Annoying Bonding Events

SANTA CLARA, CA—Office life can be downright annoying, stressful and even counter-productive. (That’s why I like working from a virtual office instead—you skirt most of those unpleasant realities.)

A new Wakefield Research Study commissioned by Citrix offers up insights on the top frustrations of modern work life, like working with a “know-it-all,” going to company events when we’d rather stay at home and rest, or dealing with a supervisor who consistently takes credit for all your great ideas.

The Citrix study also reveals some of the creative—and downright wacky—measures people are taking to avoid going into the office. (Again, some of this could be avoided in a virtual office setting.) Finally, the study highlights what these frustrated employees are willing to sacrifice to tap flexible work opportunities, like working from a virtual office, even one day a week.

Today, let’s take a look at what Citrix calls “workplace bonding bombs.” According to the study:

  • Nearly 75% of office workers have at least one company event they secretly dislike

  • 42% of males dislike office baby showers

  • 34% of office workers secretly dislike participating in costume contests

  • 31% say they dislike team-building activities

  • 31% of females hate staff photos

Working from a virtual office is not a panacea to workplace bonding bombs, but virtual offices can certainly help free you up from some of the annoying office events—events that steal your productivity. In part two of this series, we’ll look at how virtual offices can help you deal some other office stressors, including bad bosses.

Check out this video on dealing with difficult coworkers:



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