Are Mobile Workers Using Virtual Office Space?

NEW YORK-At some level, mobile working and virtual office space have a connection. Although not all mobile workers use virtual office space and not all virtual office space users fully embrace mobility, there is some definite cross over.

That’s why I looked twice when I saw the latest iPass Mobile Workforce Report. According to the study, 60 percent of mobile employees reported 50 to 60 hour-plus work weeks that also include weekend days as the most popular time to work remotely.

"Connectivity is like oxygen for today's mobile workers. The improved ability to work anywhere as long as they are connected appears to be driving higher productivity,” says Evan Kaplan, CEO at iPass. "While having control over when, where and how one works is a significant benefit in terms of well-being, mobile workers themselves need to take care to manage the unique stressors that an always connected work-life brings."

Speaking of work-life balance, the percentage of mobile workers sleeping with their smartphone has risen slightly since 2011. Seventy-one percent of Asian mobile workers report they sleep with their smartphones in the bedroom, followed by 58 percent of North Americans and 55 percent of Europeans.

Mobile usage is also causing more friction in mobile workers' personal lives with their partners, family and friends. The highest amount of friction was reported in Europe at 38 percent, followed by 33 percent of North Americans and 30 percent of Asian respondents.

Mobile workers may be able to achieve greater work-life balance and reduce friction—maybe even stop sleeping with their smartphones—if they work from a virtual office. Setting up a virtual office on the home front can serve as a stationary oasis from the demands of the mobile working lifestyle.

You can get a lot more done on a large screen than you can on a smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop—especially from a quiet place. So if you are a mobile worker who can’t seem to unplug, test out virtual office technologies that help you drive more productivity so you can get your work wrapped up faster and balance your life better.


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