Davinci Virtual Offices COO Talks Workspace Trends

SALT LAKE CITY—When the alternative workplace industry wants to know more about the latest trends in virtual offices, it turns to Davinci Virtual Office Solutions COO Martin Senn.

Indeed, Senn authored an insightful blog post on the Global Workspace Association’s (GWA) blog. The title: “Virtual Offices – Away We Work … Anytime, Anywhere, Everyone!”

“Today’s businesses and entrepreneurs are finding quickly that a virtual office is the best solution for the new work day of the 21st century. Companies of all sizes are discovering that a virtual office setup offers low entry costs, minimal overhead, valuable on-demand services and great flexibility,” Senn writes.

“All that without sacrificing the corporate image and professionalism! A large number of business analysts agree that the virtual office trend is worldwide, here to stay, and that adoption and usage will grow rapidly over the next years.”

Senn notes that the workspace-as-a-service Industry is perfectly positioned to deliver an array of virtual office products. Many operators, he explains, have focused on the virtual office market for several years and they are driving significant revenues, but even more importantly—significant margins to their bottom lines. What’s more, he says, specialized global virtual office providers have established themselves as viable turn-key sales channels for all involved.

Next, Senn points to some recent revelatory statistics from the 2011 GWA Financial Study: virtual office revenues represented almost 9 percent of total revenues for office business centers in the US.  The study also showed an almost 14 percent increase in virtual revenues in 2010 compared to 2009 overall and identified virtual office revenues and meeting room revenues as one of the main factors that generate net profits for OBCs.  Senn’s conclusion: statistically speaking, virtually every workspace operator should embrace the virtual office business!

“As the landscape for virtual office service providers becomes more competitive, operators will have a unique opportunity to generate additional virtual revenues by working closely with national and global wholesale channels that will function like Expedia and Travelocity in the travel industry for virtual office services and meeting space in the workspace industry,” Senn wrote.

“Based on statistical data, business centers will also attract more virtual office clients by offering easy access, cutting edge technologies and flexible workspace configurations. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, a leading virtual office provider is now servicing over 10,000 active clients that are using a variety of virtual office products. The new way to work seems to take hold nicely!”


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