Want A Dream Job? Try Working From a Virtual Office

DALLAS—Want the perfect job? Everybody does. But most Texas have a very detailed vision of what a perfect job looks like for them.

In fact, 79 percent of Texas in an Everest College survey imagine their dream job entails doing something they love. But the reality is, people don’t always find their dream job. That leads many Texas dreaming about changing careers, though they rarely do it. The world of virtual offices and virtual office jobs could help some in Dallas, Houston, Austin and other Texas cities make the shift.

"Many people have a strong sense of the benefits of their dream jobs," says Marilyn Long, regional vice president of operations for Everest College. "However, with the tough job market the last few years, many feel like they are trapped in their current positions with no other options."

What would cause Texans aged 18 to 39 to change careers? Sixty-eight percent they would make the leap if constraints like family obligations, monetary issues and time commitments did not stand in their way. Another 79 percent acknowledged various factors, such as their current salary and a fear of being laid off, are causing them stress in the workplace.

Virtual office jobs could help alleviate some of those concerns. Virtual office jobs can breed stronger work-life balance and set the stage for workers to better meet family obligations, especially revolving around issues like sick children, spouses or parents.

Time commitments are another constraint that virtual office jobs could help remove. If studying for certifications that would empower Texans to make a career move is the issue, a virtual office job could free up time typically spent commuting to study and prepare for that career shift. And we’ve explored the topic of how virtual offices can help reduce stress a number of times.

Everest's survey also revealed that 28 percent of Texans have considered returning to school to enhance their capabilities in their current career or to train for a new career. Just as online education can help pave the way for adult learners to return to school, working from a virtual office can help free up the time to prepare for the next phase of your career.


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