Virtual Offices Getting Spotlight in Earth Day Festivities

NEW YORK—Earth Day activities aren’t reserved for a single day at many companies. Ingersoll Rand is asking employees to participate in Earth Day activities from April 16-27. Part of that participation includes working from virtual offices.

With employees on six continents, Ingersoll Rand has scads of Earth Day activities planned, from planting trees to promoting responsible consumption to focusing on alternative transportation and beyond. But one of the most interesting initiatives from a virtual office lover’s perspective is the work-at-home event.

Ingersoll Rand employees in Carmel, Indiana will participate in what the company is calling a work-at-home-Wednesday event. The goal of the event is to demonstrate that telecommuting options can reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

This is not a new concept. Telework Week just wrapped up in March and proved that working from a virtual office makes a major, positive impact on the environment. What’s more, O2 recently completed a flexible work experiment that offered similar results. Virtual offices are good for the environment.

Indeed, virtual office users tend to consume less water and less energy than teams would collectively consume in a traditional office building. There’s also the impact from nixing the transportation. Virtual office workers don’t have to commute to the office, which saves gas, reduces the carbon footprint, and opens the door to greater levels of productivity.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions challenges companies around the world to mimic Ingersoll Rand’s work-at-home day event on Earth Day or during that week. It’s not necessary to allow all employees to work from a virtual office at the same time. Companies could let a certain percentage of its employee base work from a virtual office each day of a single week. Beyond the green implications, we believe you’ll find employees are refreshed, empowered and more productive. Let us know!


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