Workplace Stress Hinders Productivity, But Virtual Offices Can Help

CHICAGO—More than half of employees say workplace stress makes it difficult to focus on tasks. So says a survey by ComPsych Corporation. Could a virtual office space help? I strongly believe so, but let’s first dive in to the rest of the study.

Beyond the 56 percent who report difficulty focusing on tasks, another 21 percent say stress causes them to commit errors or miss deadlines. What’s more, 15-plus percent say stress causes conflict with coworkers and superiors. These are all serious issues.

“Unchecked stress can result in a number of productivity-sapping outcomes, from diminished work quality to absenteeism to coworker clashes,” says Dr. Richard A. Chaifetz, Chairman and CEO of ComPsych.

Another 15 percent say stress causes missed days at work. More than 14 percent say stress causes them to be late. And 28 percent checked the “other” box to describe how stress impacts their work, leaving the issues to our imagination.

“Organizations looking to compete in a volatile marketplace are proactively addressing stress—this can enhance employee well-being and therefore engagement. Leveraging the employee assistance program is an important step in dealing with workplace stress," Chaifetz says. "A comprehensive EAP not only provides individual counseling, but organizational consulting on change management, team building and interpersonal skill development.”

A virtual office can help stem the tide of the productivity-sapping outcomes of stress. Although a virtual office is not a panacea for stress, you can cut back on the sick days and late days by the sheer fact that virtual office workers are usually working from home. That means less opportunity to spread around the office cold and the ability work half days instead of taking off full sick days if you do catch one. Since virtual offices eliminate commuting, it can also drive down lateness and reduce the stress of traffic.

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