Virtual Office Options Considered Top Perk

NEW YORK—I saw a pretty snappy infographic on the rise of telecommuting from Wrike, which makes project management software that enables, among others, virtual office users.

Wrike contends that today, people don’t have to clock in at the office every weekday—jobs go where the talents are. It seems Wrike isn't just whistling dixie. Wrike surveyed 1,074 people. Eighty-three percent said they work remotely at least part of the day.

Wrike also took a look at the past and future of remote collaboration (which would include some number of virtual office users). Wrike found that 43 percent of respondents worked remotely less often two to three years ago than they do today. And 66 percent believe their office might go fully virtual in one to five years.

Wow! What a testament to the virtual office. Wrike also found that the higher the position in the company, the more time the person spends working outside the office. Managers spend 10 hours working remotely compared to executives who spend 20 hours and business owners who spend 30 hours working remotely in setups such as virtual offices.

How much are people ready to “pay” for the opportunity to work from a virtual office or some other remote location?

  • 78% would forgo free meals

  • 54% would forgo employer-paid cellphone plans

  • 31% would accept reduction in paid vacation

  • 25% would accept reduction in salary

What’s more, 89 percent of respondents consider the opportunity to work remotely, say from a virtual office, as one of three main perks: remote work, salary and reputation. When asked about the benefits of remote work, 41 percent cited saving time, 29 percent cited increased productivity and 10 percent said they could focus on work, not office policies.

Finally, and this is the payoff for Wrike, 90 percent of respondents consider collaboration software mission critical or important to virtual teams. So whether you work in a virtual office now or you are heading in that direction in the future, Wrike wants you to consider how its software can help. (I checked it out, btw, and it’s top notch!)

Check out this video on what Wrike can do for your firm:



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