Virtual Office Jobs See More Growth in February

BOULDER, CO—National Telework Week is underway. But what’s the state of the virtual office jobs market? What industries are most likely to allow telecommuting all year long?

That’s the question FlexJobs sets out to answer in its March report, which highlights career industries with flexible job growth, the saturation of jobs by state, who's hiring and which people are working flexibly.

"Telecommuting has long been considered an uncommon work arrangement, but that simply isn't true anymore. Although only 2.8 million people work exclusively at home, there are 15 to 20 million people who currently telecommute part-time, and another 44 million who telecommute occasionally," says Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of FlexJobs. "Also, considering how working from home is typically associated with women, it is interesting to see that men and women work from home at almost identical levels."

FlexJobs’ February Flexible Jobs Index analyzes the availability of flexible job openings in 50 career fields. February's numbers indicated strong volume for telecommuting, part-time, and freelance jobs. All of this means more people are working from virtual office space.

The job categories with the greatest opportunity for virtual office workers include:

1.    Medical & Health Jobs
2.    Education & Training Jobs
3.    Administrative Jobs
4.    Sales Jobs
5.    Computer & IT Jobs

The fields with the largest increase in flexible jobs from January are:

1.    Government & Politics jobs had an impressive jump of 137%.
2.    Insurance jobs great by a very respectable 46.21%.
3.    Environmental & Green jobs grew by 38.95%.
4.    Customer Service jobs grew by a solid 25.89%.
5.    Account Management jobs had a strong showing with 24.03% growth.

"Flexible jobs that offer telecommuting, freelance, part-time or alternative schedules continue to grow and be a very viable professional option. Just two short years ago, FlexJobs had 2,000 listings and now are quickly headed toward the 10,000 mark," says Fell. "It will be interesting to see if National Telework Week inspires companies to open the doors for more telecommute and flexible job options."

If you are looking for a virtual office job, FlexJobs is one of the best resources online to find one. By keeping its finger on the pulse of virtual office jobs, FlexJobs has set itself apart as a credible resource for telecommuters looking for the benefits associated with working from a virtual office.


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