Looking for a Virtual Office Job? Try VirtualVocations

CHICAGO—Always wanted to work from home? All the articles in your local newspaper about workshifting, flextime, virtual office space and the like getting your attention? To be sure, telecommuting from a virtual office is a trend that’s gaining momentum with employees and employers alike. Virtual offices save companies money and offer employees convenience.

Enter VirtualVocations. Virtual vocations is a telecommuting jobs site that helps you find work-at-home jobs suitable for a virtual office. VirtualVocations joins the hundreds of similar sites online, but it’s one of the few that hand-screens all its posts to ensure every job is a bona fide employment opportunity.

"We recognized that most of the major job sites on the Internet have been overrun by scammers, making it difficult to distinguish what positions are legitimate,” says Laura Spawn, who started VirtualVocations five years ago after noticing the need for more credible virtual office job sites. "Our desire was to create a site that would be able to offer all kinds of legitimate virtual positions to those who are interested in working from home."

VirtualVocations just joined the International Association of Employment Web Sites, or IAEWS. IAWES holds its members to high standards and a strong code of ethics. The code of ethics includes values such as honesty, fairness, and self regulation.

This is a refreshing addition to the virtual office job world. Spawn is right. There are a lot of scammer Web sites out there promising virtual office jobs. Some of them have hidden fees or just poor listings. Finding virtual office jobs in Chicago, New York, Tampa, Boston and beyond doesn’t have to be difficult—or scary—when you go to sites like VirtualVocations. And, of course, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has the virtual office technologies to help you get up and running quickly.


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