O2 Pilot Demonstrates Benefits of Virtual Office Work

LONDON—What do you get when 3,000 employees all move to a flexible work environment in a single day? A mass telecommuting movement that offers keen insights for virtual office users.

This week, O2 launched the largest-ever flexible working initiative when it allowed one quarter of its 12,000-member workforce to work remotely for a day.  The pilot aims to push the boundaries of what is possible through flexible working in London and beyond.

“We practice what we preach, and by asking O2 employees to work together as a team to test the company’s flexible working practices for themselves, we want to show that there are no limits—no matter how big or small your business is,” says  O2 Business Director Ben Dowd. “By sharing experiences from across our business, from business divisions to operations, we hope to encourage more organizations to help their workforce become mobile.”

O2 hopes its pilot showcases a wider economic business case for flexible working in helping to drive efficiency, productivity and innovation. O2 has previously saved more than £3 million in overhead costs through flexible working. As part of the pilot, O2 is evaluating reductions to electricity usage, CO2 emissions and travel time as employees swap their usual journey to work in favor of working from a remote location.

Virtual office technologies made it all possible. A team of 20 people spent two months planning for the big telecommuting day, making sure employees had access to virtual office technologies and tools that would support their remote work. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers virtual office space and virtual office technologies in most areas of London.

Specifically, Davinci Virtual has 11 virtual office locations in London, including:

  • Charlotte Street London

  • Great Titchfield London

  • Margaret Street London

  • Southampton Row London

  • Hammersmith London

  • Victoria London

  • Austin Friars London

  • Grove House

  • SoHo Executive Office Suite

  • Devonshire Square Executive Suite

  • Fetter Lane Executive Suite


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