Would You Rather Work From a Virtual Office or Shower?

NEW YORK—What would you rather do? Take a shower or work at home? How about stay married or telecommute? Luckily, more and more virtual office workers don’t have to choose.

LiveScience is reporting on an odd poll TeamViewer conducted that measures that and more.  To take the opportunity to telecommute:

  • 12% would give up showers

  • 5% would divorce their spouse

  • 29% would give up chocolate

  • 25% would give up their smartphone

  • 20% would give up shopping

  • 17% would give up a pay raise

  • 15% would give up half their vacation days

If this doesn’t speak to the employee demand for alternative workplace strategies—like telecommuting from a virtual office—then I don’t know what does. Virtual offices are on the rise, in part, because they empower employees to work from home, at least part time.

Maybe your company is exploring alternative workplace strategies. Consider flex time. You could allow your employee to work from a virtual office two days a week and commute to big meetings on the other two days. Once you try out this flex time approach, you may begin to see that your workers are more productive, less stressed and more loyal.


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