What Makes a Virtual Office Work, You Ask?

NEW YORK-What makes a virtual office work? That’s what Time magazine’s Robb Mandelbaum asked in a recent article.

In the article, he points out that it took 30 years for the virtual office concept to gain respectability. Today, he notes, there’s a whole host of web-based communications and project sharing tools that help business owners streamline the practical side of managing a virtual operation.

No, technology is no longer the challenge of running a virtual company. Managing the virtual workforce is the larger issue—and that often means choosing the right communications technology for the right purpose, he says.

We all know that e-mail and instant messaging is efficient. A phone call is warranted when you really need to hash things out. A web conference lets you share documents and video calls let you measure facial expressions. But sometimes you just have to sit around the long conference table—or at least across the table from someone—to have a discussion.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has all that covered. Davinci Virtual offers a turnkey virtual communications system that meets the needs of your virtual company, from virtual offices to telephone and fax numbers to digital voicemail and electronic fax to unified messaging and the list goes on.

Davinci has partnered with Cisco to offer our customers special prices on WebEx so you can do video conference calls and hold collaborative meetings. We even have a platform to reserve meeting rooms online in dozens of cities around the world, in case you need to meet in person.

So what makes a virtual office work? Well, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions can’t warrant your management style, but we can certainly provide the virtual office technologies—and the physical meeting rooms—that set the stage for a strong corporate culture.


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