Administrative Field Sees Virtual Office Job Opportunities

If you are want to work from a virtual office, well, ‘tis the season—especially if you are in the administrative career field.

Flexible job listings in administration rose 32 percent in November, outpacing even the medical jobs category that has long been number one. So says the latest Flexible Job Index for November 2011. But even if you aren’t in administration, there are plenty of virtual office jobs in other fields. Beyond administration, writing jobs also saw a large jump, increasing 29 percent.

Consider the results of the survey, which offers the top five industries in terms of volume:

1. Administrative: 6.7%
2. Medical & Health: 6.3%
3. Customer Service: 5.6%
4. Education & Training: 5.1%
5. Computer & IT: 5.0%

“It’s definitely interesting that medical jobs are down during the winter months,” says Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of FlexJobs. “And, frankly, we were surprised to see an increase in writing jobs during a notoriously slow time of year.”

On the downside, medical and health jobs were down about 2 percent. The five career fields that experienced the largest drop in the volume of flexible jobs include:

1. Account Management: 27.2%
2. Insurance: 25.0%
3. Medical & Health: 21.8%
4. Consulting: 16.0%
5. Art & Creative: 14.7%

I continue to find these monthly reports fascinating because it measures the growth in job fields that allow virtual office use, telecommuting, flex-time and other alternative workplace arrangements.


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