Thanksgiving for Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

There's a lot of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. And it turns out that many of our customers are expressing Thanksgiving to us! Here are some words from a few of our thankful customers. And thank you for reading this blog about virtual office trends.

Davinci is awesome! Davinci has been one of the best investments since starting my business. You guys make me look and sound professional to other colleagues. My colleagues are amazed at how nice my receptionists are! I am looking forward to a long relationship. It’s a good marriage. I think you guys are fantastic." -- Dr. Ehrenhaus

"I have to tell you--your team's professionalism is just outstanding. I've worked in several fortune 500 companies including Nordstroms and Microsoft , in various industries/sectors. I've been responsible for leadership and training on service, and on delivery of a range of products and services.  Your commitment to professional and excellent service is truly extraordinary. -- Reid Thornley, CEO Aquatell

"I just finished looking at some metrics from the last three months and it's very interesting - since signing on with Davinci I have seen a 14% increase in business.  I attribute this to a couple of things.  First, your receptionists are answering the phone for me between 8am-8pm.  Since my office is only open from 9 - 5 that represents four extra hours in the day when a live person is answering a customer inquiry.  Secondly, having a receptionist has created the impression of a larger organization.  I believe my customers feel more comfortable buying from a company that is bigger. Thank you Davinci! -- Bryan Huddleston, Short Sale Systems

"Thank you so much for implementing the virtual receptionist service on such quick notice. Working with Davinci has greatly increased the number of sales I am able to get." -- Shae McEntire, ClearView Shutters


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