Federal Survey Points to Benefits of Telecommuting

WASHINGTON, D.C.-In yet another study that validates the benefits of telecommuting, the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board has concluded that telecommuting can help organizations reach their mission. Virtual office solutions can play a key role.

The report, “Telework: Weighing the Information, Determining an Appropriate Approach,” relies on survey data from federal employees and supervisors, together with other information, to offer a holistic picture of the key benefits, concerns and implementation considerations for organizations to weigh as they figure out how to integrate telecommuting into the business strategy.

“Our study confirms that telework can result in many benefits for organizations and employees alike,” the authors report. “Further, and of critical importance, our findings indicate that the benefits of telework can occur while maintaining productivity and performance, if telework is managed appropriately.”

The report point focuses on the management aspect of virtual workers and recommends making sure supervisors have the skills necessary, as well as the support, to manage performance of telecommuters. What’s more, the report says leaders need to foster a culture conducive to telecommuting, which includes technology infrastructure and other business tools.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has the technology and business tools that empower companies to integrate alternative workplace strategies into the mix. Beyond virtual offices, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, for example, include live answering and call forwarding services from receptionists, meeting spaces, conference rooms and all of the amenities of a full office without the expense or hassle of running a whole office full time.

If your company serves the federal government, Davinci Virtual offers several virtual office locations in the D.C. area.

•    The Willard
•    Washington DC Office Center
•    Bethesda DC
•    MPA DC
•    Farragut Business Center
•    One Metro Business Center
•    Connecticut Avenue Business Center

Let’s look at the Connecticut Avenue virtual offices. Located at 1250 Connecticut Avenue, you can rent this D.C. virtual office space for as little as $95 a month. It comes with all the usual bells and whistles. First of all, you get to use the prime business address and have a place for your clients to send mail and packages, or drop them off. You can use the business support center there when you needed it, or even rent a conference room or day office space for important meetings or when you just need a quiet place to work.


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