Sleep-Deprived Detroit Residents Should Try a Virtual Office

DETROIT--As we prepare to turn back the clocks in early November, a just-released ranking reveals which U.S. cities are most in need of some extra sleep.

The Most Sleep-Deprived Cities list is based on an independent analysis of individual sleep habits as reported in an annual study of more than 350,000 adults by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The data reveals the following ten cities as America's most sleep-deprived:

1. Detroit, MI
2. Birmingham, AL
3. Oklahoma City, OK
4. New Orleans, LA
5. New York, NY
6. Cincinnati, OH
7. Louisville, KY
8. Raleigh, NC
9. Columbus, OH
10. Boston, MA

The study also reveals the cities reporting the most sleep, with the majority located in California. The most well-rested reside in San Diego; Dallas; Richmond, Va.; San Jose, and San Francisco.

If you live somewhere other than the most well-rested cities, you may want to explore the benefits of a virtual office. Yes, a virtual office space can help—even for entrepreneurs who work in New York City, otherwise known as the City that Never Sleeps.

When you telecommute from home, relying on a virtual office space instead of the traditional cubicle life, you can get more sleep because you don’t have to drive to work. In fact, if you want to work in your PJs until noon as you motor through a major deadline, you can do that with a virtual office space. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has virtual office space in all of the sleep-deprived cities on the list--and many more.

Virtual offices give you a prestigious business address, a local or 800 telephone number—and the freedom to sleep a little longer in the morning instead of fighting rush hour traffic. You can also boost your productivity with a virtual office space because you can spend work during what would have been your commute home. And, this may be the best part, you can take a power nap in the middle of the day and still have your phones answered professionally by a virtual receptionist.

Check out this video on the importance of sleep... You could gain weight and much more if you don't sleep enough:



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