Davinci Virtual Office Solutions Asks Three Simple Social Media Questions

Are you a fan of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions? We want to hear from you, and we’ve created a simple survey that we hope you’ll take a couple of quick minutes to answer.

You may or may not know that Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has a LinkedIn Group. It’s an open group—meaning it’s open for anyone to join—and it’s called “A Smarter Way to Work by Davinci Virtual.”

In our group, you’ll find all sorts of relevant discussions that could save you time and money. One of our most popular discussions, for example, asks the question: “If you could give a fellow entrepreneur 1 tip on how to be a successful leader, what would it be?”

We’ve also discussed concepts like telecommuting, the distributed workforce, video conferencing and collaboration tools, and other topics that are important to virtual office users and small business owners. Our LinkedIn Group even offers promotions, jobs, and a list of like-minded members that you might want to add to your network.

Although Davinci Virtual’s group is growing, we always want to stay true to the needs of our members and potential members. That’s why we developed the survey.

So what would you hope to gain through this LinkedIn Group? We’ve created a very short, three-question survey for members of A Smarter Way to Work by Davinci Virtual. We’ll use your feedback to help provide a great experience in our group. We appreciate your input!


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