Want to Work From a Virtual Office? Try One of These Career Fields

ATLANTA-If you want to work from home in a virtual office, there are some career fields that are more obliged than others to let you do so. FlexJobs Flexible Job Index for September reveals what those career fields are—and there have been big changes in the top 25 fields hiring for telecommuting, part-time, freelance, and flexible employment.

"In our recent data, we've continued to see strong growth in professional fields that people might not typically associate with telecommuting and flexible jobs," says Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of FlexJobs. "But the truth is that telecommuting and flexible jobs are much, much more widespread than they're given credit for."

The top five career fields for virtual office users are:

  1. Medical & Health

  2. Education

  3. Sales

  4. Computer & IT

  5. Administrative

Some of the most notable changes in the FlexJobs Flexible Job Index for September include an 87 percent increase in data entry jobs and a 32 percent decrease in available writing jobs. Web design and graphic design saw dips, with 23 percent and 22 percent drops, respectively. On the upside, accounting and finance telecommuting jobs rose 28.4 percent, consulting is up 27.8 percent, business development is up by 20 percent, and customer service is up by 15 percent. The increases reflect growth in the number of available jobs in these fields.

All of these career fields have a history of allowing telecommuters to work from a virtual office space. But FlexJobs is noting some surprising fields among the possibilities for virtual office users, including Marine Species Observer, CEO, State Director of Nursing, and a History & Ethnic Studies Instructor.

The September report shows how virtual offices and telecommuting, as well as flexible work schedules, continues to gain momentum—even finding its way into non-traditional career fields. What profession will go virtual next?


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